Projects: Pages, Comments, and Replies

Once you’ve created a project and installed the Cycles script, you can use the Cycles web application to manage your project and access its pages and comments.

Managing Projects

When you sign in, Cycles lists all projects, active and archived.  

Active projects:  When your project is active, Cycles will collect comments and approvals on your project web pages, process notifications and count towards your plan’s active projects.  

Archived projects: Archiving a project disables Cycles on your web pages, disables notifications, but saves a record of all project comments and approvals.

You can also delete a project, which will permanently erase all project pages and comments.

Project Settings

Configure project settings to change the project name, enable activity notifications, or view the JavaScript code snippet.  

Pages, Approvals, & Comments

On the page details view, Cycles lists approval details (if any), as well as all comments left on the page.  You can also:

  • Approve / Unapprove the page
  • Delete a comment
  • Mark a comment as Complete / Incomplete

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