Install Cycles on Squarespace

Like  installing Cycles on your website with Javascript, you can install Cycles on your Squarespace site by copying your project's JavaScript snippet into the web page header. 

To install Cycles on your Squarespace site:

Step 1: Create a new Cycles project

(If you already have a project, skip to the "existing projects" section of step 2.)

Sign into Cycles and create a new project.  Once you give the new project a name, click Next.

Step 2: Copy the JavaScript snippet

Cycles will display your project’s unique JavaScript code snippet. Select the code and copy it to your clipboard. 

For existing projects, go to your Project Settings > Embed Code to see the project's JavaScript code snippet and copy it to the clipboard.

Step 3: Edit your Squarespace site and install the header code

  1. Sign into your Squarespace site (/config)
  2. Navigate to the Settings > Website, Advanced > Code Injection section, (/config/settings/advanced/injection), and copy your Cycles project script into the Header field.  Save. 

Step 5. Open your Squarespace site to confirm installation

If installed correctly, the Cycles button will display in the lower right corner of every page of your Squarespace site.  If you don't see the button, try refreshing the page or verifying the javascript is included in the page's source code.

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