Project privacy

Enable project privacy to disable comments and approvals from public site visitors, and enable only for trusted teammates, stakeholders, and clients.

Why make projects private?

Being able to restrict Cycles to particular users makes it possible to:

  • Keep design and development comments within the team, away from the client
  • Use Cycles on a production site, but hide the Cycles button to the general public
  • Ultimately, control who can see/use the comment and approval features of Cycles

How it works

When enabled, visitors must view the project with a valid parameter in the URL.  

For example, visitors won't see the Cycles button on a privacy-enabled project at unless the URL contains the correct parameter. 

When a visitor loads the page with the correct URL parameter, like, they'll see (and can interact with) the Cycles feedback button.

Note: As the parameter is saved in the visitor's browser (as a cookie), they'll be able to view Cycles feedback on subsequent visits to the page and every page in the project.

To enable privacy

  1. For your project, go to "options" and enable the privacy feature
  2. (Optional) change the privacy parameter from `?cycles` to something memorable and specific to your project.
  3. Save changes.  

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